Know About Ourself
Welcome to Husaini Sena we Work for human rights.

HUSAIN - The Name that reminds sacrifice towards nation and society. A name who teaches being more loyal towards our Aim and ideology than life. A name that inspires the whole world that, "no matter how much powerful the oppressor is, one should never give up". Today, many anti-social elements are conspiring to weaken the pillers of democracy of our country by unraveling the unity and integrity among the countrymen. On such sake of time it is necessary to strengthen the unity, integrity and spread brotherhood in the country.

Inspired by the ideologies of Hazrat Husain (ع), An organisation is formed by name 'HUSAINI SENA'

We Are Husaini sena

Work for the Social Develop and Human Rights.

  • To Encourage nationalism and spread spirit of love among countrymen specially among upcoming generation.
  • To Run an awareness campaign in the society to get ready for every type of sacrifice for the sake of country.
  • Serving the society under its scope, by abiding the Indian constitution and its democratic system.
  • To develop and empower our social, religious and cultural activities which will strengthen the foundation of pluralism in democracy resulting ultimate success and growth to it.
  • To make people aware to help Administration in combatting anti-social forces which are destroying the foundations of Unity and brotherhood.
  • To aware the society about the nationalism and encouraging them for sacrifice, respect and love towards nation.
  • To enlighten the society of Hindus and Muslims unity along with other religions.
  • Creating awareness among the society towards health by organizing various types of training camps.
  • By respecting all religions, we would be working for the social, educational and cultural empowerment of the Indian Muslim community.
  • Construction of schools, colleges, educational institutions and madrasas.
  • Providing grants, scholarships, fellowships and other types of financial assistance to the needy and elite students. We will also provide vocational training and skill development.
  • Distribution of books and copies for the poor and needy students.
  • Distribution of prizes, to the elite students in field of scientific research and sports.
  • Establishing Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dispensary, Clinical Laboratories and Health related Institutions.
  • To arrange old age homes and ashrams for physically and mentally people.
  • To arrange old age homes and ashrams for physically and mentally people.
  • Extend your support and come together to unite our nation and promote nationalism, diversity and brotherhood Let's rebuilt our nation As "Golden bird" of this Era Support Husaini sena